We are an IT Solutions Company

specialized inFood Service Industry


KNET provides Kitchen Internet of Things(KIOT), which is an real-time monitoring system, active alert of abnormal situations for kitchen equipments, especially wine cellar, refrigerator, freezer, walk-in cold room, combi, dishwasher and even Chinese wok, etc.

By the cutting edge time series graph visualization technology, KitSense app generates time series analysis for each individual kitchen equipment of the customer which illustrates the temperature, humidity, gas rating consumptions, accumulated gas usage or error code from equipment changes over time.

Infographics can be visualized for different time periods by the app in one click.

KITSENSE App also provides active alert via emails, app push and sms notifications if there is any abnormality being detected. It is an accurate and reliable way to make sure all ingredients and foods are stored properly in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) ready standard.

We also developed a Web Analytics Portal and Sensor Management System with latest technology. In web analytics platform, clients can dynamiclly view a dashboards, track the historical record easily for up to a year, and share dashboards with your team to foster a data driven culture. Our team will also generate monthly report to your team every month showing alert records and every details for review.

The Sensor Management System can locate your sensors and manage user permission easily, especially for chain stores and branded restaurants or hotels.

The breeding environment technology and strict hygienic standards are the first choice for the people to rest assured. With our advanced technology, professional customer services and maintenance teams, KITSENSE brings comprehensive one-stop solutions and opens a new era to the Food and Beverage Industry. 


What KNETvision of the future


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The heart of artificial intelligence, robotic machine learning (ML) transformation.



Block Chain technology that connected between humans with more security



All of the knowledge and data has been saved and last forever using Cloud Storage


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Everything interchange between analogue and digital under a mechanism



upgrade your kitchen with less spending