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KITSENSE is a powerful, user-friendly app that connects your critical kitchen and wine appliances using our wireless sensors for 24/7 temperature and humidity monitoring and protection. You can manage all your appliances from any location and get notified in real time whenever there is any deviation from preset control parameters.

In short, KITSENSE allows you to:

  • Enhance food safety and provide better food quality
  • Reduce manual cost and errors
  • Increase productivity and reliability
  • Protect your critical assets (e.g. food ingredient, wine and cigar, etc.) from spoilage
  • Track and manage your appliance performance anytime and anywhere through mobile app and web platform

With our advanced technology, professional customer services and maintenance teams, KITSENSE brings comprehensive one-stop solutions and opens a new era in the Food and Beverage Industry.

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KITSENSE eliminates inefficient and inconsistent manual checks while providing real-time 24/7 temperature and humidity monitoring. You and your designated staffs will be able to track and manage your appliances, such as wine cellar, refrigerator, freezer, walk-in cold room, etc., from any location and received prompt notifications of any abnormality for remedial actions to be taken immediately.   


KITSENSE provides active alert via various channels (in-app push notification, email, telegram, sms) if there is any abnormality being detected. Every alert will be recorded and trailable. This can troubleshoot existing appliance malfunctions as well as anticipate potential equipment failures and alert you of required maintenance action. It is an accurate and reliable way to make sure all ingredients and foods are stored properly in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) ready standard.


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By the cutting edge time series graphic visualization technology, KITSENSE generates time series analysis for each individual appliances which illustrates the temperature and humidity changes over time.


Infographics can be visualized for different time periods in 5 mins/ 15 mins/ 30 mins/ 60 mins/ 4 hours/ 8 hours/ 16 hours/ 24 hours/ 48 hours by the app in one click.


APP and Web Ready

KitSense is available both on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


We also developed a web analytics platform with latest technology. With the intuitive dashboard, clients can dynamically track the historical record easily for up to six months, and share dashboards with your team to foster a data driven culture. Our team will also generate monthly report to your team every month showing alert records and every details for review.

KitSense Service Package

Your yearly subscription with KitSense will provide top-notch hardware, software and technical support services for reliable performance across the board within service period:

  1. A low-power, secure hub and up to 5 units of robust wireless sensors
  2. A sim card USB router with a  prepaid 4GLTE data sim card / WIFI or LAN line with 1 IP address
  3. Real-time temperature, humidity collections in every single minute for remote and instant data reporting
  4. Historical data storage in our secure database that last for 6 months for download and reviews
  5. Infographics and data reports for temperature, humidity and alerts records
  6. Active alert via various channels (in-app push notification, email, telegram, sms) for abnormality
  7. Assest data and alert report
  8. Technical updates and bugs fix
  9. Instant alert-call-repair interaction with KitFit App (Please contact our customer service for the beta test availability)

Our wireless temperature and humidity sensors supplied by RuuviTag, which is a highly sensitive open-source sensor node, using latest technology as our part of monitoring system.

Technical Specifications

  • Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 System-on-Chip
  • STMicroelectronics LIS2DH12 accelerometer
  • Bosch BME 280 temperature + relative air humidity + air pressure sensor
  • NFC™-A tag antenna
  • 1000mAh CR2477 battery
  • Temperature range: -20ºC to +70ºC (max -40ºC to +85ºC)
  • Long range radio antenna

To find out more about our sensor detail, please visit here.